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Rafi Nia manufacturing group was established in 2000 with the aim of producing the car's tuber in order to participate in the development of the country's industry and compete with foreign similar products in Tabriz city. In the same year, it by producing the light car’s tuber was able to start the production.

The mission of this production is based on quality and reasonable prices. With the study and utilization of world-class knowledge, the group has been able to take steps toward satisfaction of consumer as much as possible. In 2003, with the increasing quantitative and qualitative development of this unit, managers were required to obtain a national standard certificate.

As a result of continuous efforts of this complex, by taking advantage of updated machinery and technology , has been able to increase the quantity and quantity of various types of parts in terms of the type and number, and sell it in all cities of Iran and try to take step in the world markets.

What matters is that Rafi Nia's tuber group is an endeavoring efforts to obtain international documents by providing high quality products, packaging and reasonable prices for customer satisfaction and observe these requirements at all times. 

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